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Tim Sanders: Inspiration and Innovation

If you’ve listened to Kevin Kruger speak since taking over his position as NASPA President you’ve probably noticed that he’s focused on the future of student affairs. He understands the challenges that lie ahead for the profession and understands what we most do to lead the necessary challenges.

That’s why Tim Sanders was such a natural fit as a featured speaker for the 2015 NASPA Annual Conference. Sanders’ resume is long and speaks to his consistent pattern of success at challenging the status quo.

After he  worked with entrepreneur Mark Cuban, he moved to Yahoo! where he quickly put his skills to use creating the Value Lab, an internal think tank. The Value Lab recognized that Yahoo! wasn’t being nimble, wasn’t adapting, and wasn’t taking the necessary risks needed to continue to be successful. This work, and the success of the Value Lab, led Yahoo! executives to name Sanders as Chief Solutions Officer.

And when times got rough, when the Dot Com Boom turned into the Dot Com Bust, Sanders was there to ensure that Yahoo! emerged as a successful and viable organization. While he’s no longer with Yahoo!, that the company exists while so many like it were unable to foresee the Bust and adjust their business accordingly is a testament to the work that he did.

Since that time, Sanders has taken his expertise and knowledge on the road and shared it with companies and organizations around country and has written four books: Today We are Rich, Saving the World at Work, The Likeability Factor, and Love Is The Killer App. His overarching theme is that of confidence, love, and personal enrichment. All of this will be a key feature of his session at the 2015 NASPA Annual Conference. He’ll show you how you, your staff, and your institution can tap into the skills that you have to become the leaders that you can, and will, become.

We invite you to join us on Tuesday, March 24, 2015 to be inspired and find new ways to “Navigate with Courage.”

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